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LoL Account Shop FAQs

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What is a LOL Account Shop?

The LoL Account Shop is a premium store, where we sell our League Of Legends Smurf Accounts in the form of Packages. Each Package groups multiple League Of Legends Accounts that can be categorized with similar Blue Essence Amount, Level, MMR...etc

What is a LoL Smurf Account

A League Of Legends Smurf Account is a ranked ready LoL account with no past ranked history and variable ready to use Blue Essence or champions capsules

Is Smurfing allowed in League Of Legends?

The short answer to the question "Is Smurfing Allowed in League of Legends?" would be: Yes! You can create a secondary account whenever you want. Whether it's for playing with friends, test new champions, or just playing without the stress of the ranked games, smurfing is a common practice among LoL users.

How does Lifetime Warranty work?

In the rare case of an account ban, we provide a lifetime warranty.
If your account gets banned for a reason that's unrelated to you, we provide you with a new one.
No questions asked.

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Best Place To Buy League of Legends Accounts

When you buy a League of Legends smurf from us you get the highest quality League smurf on the market. We’re so sure of the quality of our LoL accounts that we are the only site to offer a full Lifetime Ban Warranty with all our smurfs.

Why do you need to buy an account?

You don’t have to waste time grinding a new smurf to level 30. You only need a few minutes to get ready for ranked battles. Another big advantage of buying an account is the fact that it makes the game a thousand times more interesting. We all know that going to the top takes a lot of time.

Practice, go ahead, gain experience

Using lol smurfs has nothing to do with cheating. In fact, they are a kind of training room, where the player hones his skills and assesses the effectiveness of new strategies. Buying a League smurf today is very simple – just a few clicks are enough

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