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League of Legends Patch Notes 13.7: What You Need to Know

Patch 13.7

Patch 13.7 has arrived in League of Legends, bringing a number of changes and updates to the game. From new skins to balance changes and gameplay updates, there's a lot to unpack in this patch. In this article, we'll cover some of the key changes in Patch 13.7.

Champion Changes

Several champions have received balance changes in Patch 13.7. One of the most significant changes is to Gwen, who was released in the previous patch. Her base armor and armor growth have been decreased, while her Q ability has been buffed. The ability now has increased range and reduced cooldown, making it easier for Gwen to harass her opponents in lane.

Another champion who has received changes is Udyr. His Phoenix Stance now deals more damage to minions and monsters, making him a stronger jungle clear. In addition, his E ability has been reworked to give him more mobility, allowing him to close the gap on his opponents more easily.

Item Changes

Several items have also received changes in Patch 13.7. One of the most significant changes is to the Seeker's Armguard. The item now costs less gold and has less armor, but it grants more ability power for each unit kill or assist. This change makes the item more accessible for mages who are struggling in their lane.

Another item that has received changes is the Riftmaker. The item now grants less magic penetration but has more magic power and health. In addition, the item's Omnivamp has been reduced, making it less effective for sustained damage dealers.

Gameplay Updates

In addition to champion and item changes, there are several gameplay updates in Patch 13.7. One of the most significant updates is to the minimap. Players can now zoom in and out on the minimap, allowing for better visibility of the battlefield.

Another gameplay update is the new Jungle timers. The Jungle timers now show the exact spawn time of the jungle camps, making it easier for players to track and plan their jungle route.

New Skins

Patch 13.7 also brings a number of new skins to the game. Some of the most notable skins include Battle Academia Caitlyn, Battle Academia Garen, and Battle Academia Yone. These skins feature new visual effects and animations, as well as unique voice lines and character interactions.


Patch 13.7 brings a number of changes and updates to League of Legends. From champion and item changes to gameplay updates and new skins, there's a lot to explore in this patch. As always, it's important to stay up to date on the latest changes to the game to stay competitive and improve your gameplay.

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